Good Luck Horseshoe in green

TreeClips: Good Luck Horseshoe in green


With this Good Luck Horseshoe Lucky Clip, we will propagate a tree on you behalf in the Caledonian Forest. Our tree planting partners, Trees for Life, will propagate the tree at their nursery in Plodda Lodge, just outside Glen Affric in the North West Highlands of Scotland. The Lucky Clip was designed by Ingrid Tait of Tait & Style and is made, largely by outworkers in the Shetland and Orkney Isles. It is 5" long from the tip of the largest felt leaf to the top of the silver clip. It has a small felt leaf in royal blue, a four leafed clover leaf in green and the largest leaf has a bright blue horseshoe. By buying this Lucky Clip you will be propagating a tree and therefore taking a small step to help the environment. We believe that together these small steps can make a difference.
Price: £25.00 To purchase via paypal, please call 01635 281 768