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Press:Observer Magazine

Sunday, 7 December 2008


Presents For Gardeners - Dan Pearson.

Haws still makes the best watering cans, and this Christmas I will buy personalised seed trays to which I'm going to add home-grown see of favourite things for favourite people.  These handmade trugs continue a tradition and are hard to better for harvesting.  keep the birds happy with a good looking feeder, your hands warm for up to 30 hours with these hand warmers, and your feet snug with knee-length socks.  This might not be so easy with these toed Japanese Tabi boots.  At my project in Japan everyone wears them.  Nothing puts your feet so closely into contact with the earth.  Put your feet up on this strawboard Isabella stool covered in felt.  it is recycled/recyclable, and shares a name with a special godchild.  Perfect time for catching up with Gardeners:Encounters with Exceptional People, the great new book by garden designer Diana Ross.  

Woodland creature keyring (for every one sold a tree will be planted in the Caledonian Forest), £25, TreeTwist."

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