Teal Acorn WristTwist & Tree

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Teal Acorn WristTwist & Tree

Our Story:About TreeTwist

TreeTwist didn’t happen overnight.  TreeTwist was established as a result of months of frustration. We were frustrated that although we couldn’t change our lives fundamentally, we wanted to do something to help combat climate change and improve the environment. I think many people share this sense; it sometimes feels like being a bystander outside a burning building.



The story behind TreeTwist


I say TreeTwist didn’t happen overnight, but there was a moment in which I can honestly say the company we now run was ‘born’. After months of frustration, our thoughts and  frustrations gelled into a decision made during the course of a single conversation to go with our passion and our ideas and DO something. This decision was to have a big impact on both our lives and, we hope, an impact on the planet.


We had been consumed by a desire to make cutting carbon more accessible, even fun. Something we would happily do everyday. The key for us was that it might harness the frustration and energy of all the other people like me out there. With Christmas coming, we were bothered that we would be buying gifts that would be discarded by New Year. She felt that there must be something people could buy that would be interesting, new and make a useful and positive environmental statement.  Our belief that people did want to make a difference and that if offered the chance, they would take it. That they would turn their gift giving into something, which could make a real impact on climate and environmental problems


As a result, we created TreeTwist.  In TreeTwist, we wanted to make it easy, fun and rewarding for everyone, and anyone, to plant a tree. And, not only plant the tree on their behalf but give the buyer something beautiful to act as a reminder of the tree, to wear with pride and show others how they felt.


We began with finding a partner to plant the trees for us.  We wanted to ensure that every tree was planted in the UK.  After many conversations and numerous meetings with different woodland and forest experts, we established a partnership with Trees For Life. Trees For Life is a multi-award winning forest restoration and conservation charity dedicated to the regeneration of the Caledonian Forest in the Highlands of Scotland. They are committed, they are  established and they are the most amazing people we could have met.  Their vision extends beyond simply combating carbon damage to the atmosphere and embraces the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) ‘Plant for the Planet’ Billion Trees Campaign.


Our trip to the Caledonian Forest assured us that the Trees For Life team was the best.  Many of their ideas are so simple and so effective.  We loved their policy of collecting seeds from the forest floor for propagation and then planting.  Their success rate in tree planting was also impressive.  At an 80+% success rate we knew we would be in safe hands.


So, we now knew we could plant the trees.  We now needed the Twists.


We knew we wanted these to be something people could wear or use everyday, something that would appeal to all ages and men and women.  We wanted to use wool and we wanted our products to have been designed and made in the UK. The search went on.


We had been fans of the accessories designer Ingrid Tait of Tait & Style for many years.  Paul Smith discovered Ingrid many years ago and her work has been stocked in Selfridges and Liberty’s.  During a visit to Liberty’s we noticed the new Tait & Style collection, which included scarves edged with leaves.  As the leaves were so pertinent to TreeTwist, I began a series of phone calls with Ingrid who had never before been asked to design something like this. We wanted a unique collection, scarves, bracelets and clips, which embodied the spirit of trees. We hoped they would inspire people to plant our trees.


We had an extraordinary visit to Ingrid and her family in the Orkney Islands.  We couldn’t have chosen a more inclement day.  Yet, despite the gales, the rain and the exceptionally high winds, we couldn’t have felt more welcome.  We were able to meet the team and discover what is involved in producing an accessory collection. 


Ingrid’s designs for TreeTwist took our breath away.  They were vibrant and beautiful and best of all, nothing like this had ever been produced before.  Long tubes of wool with leaves, bobbles, flowers or hearts in fabulous colours, which capture the zeitgeist of the moment. It is entirely appropriate for the project that Ingrid’s team of outworkers in the Orkney and Shetland Islands has been largely responsible for producing the collection. 


So that is the TreeTwist story.   And, what would we say was our biggest achievement? It is simple – this project is allowing everyone to make a small difference.  Our TreeTwists start at £12, which includes a tree planted in the Caledonian Forest.  Even our children and their friends can afford to get involved.  This inclusiveness was imperative, along with the fact that the project is exclusively based in the UK.


We know that we can’t solve the world’s carbon emissions overnight but in buying a TreeTwist, customers achieve three things, firstly, they raise and applaud awareness of the need for us all to do something for our planet, secondly they make a significant contribution towards on going work to restore a forest of immense environmental importance, and finally, they get to enjoy something beautiful and unique.


Combating climate change seems an overwhelmingly impossible task for an individual to face.  We are all guilty of pollution and all most of us can do is make small changes in the right direction.  This project is about all of us making a small step together.