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TreeScarf in Herb & Tree

Our Friends:Community Forests NW

Community Forests North West (CFNW) is the charity which supports the work of the North West’s three community forestry initiatives – Red Rose Forest, The Mersey Forest and Pennine Edge Forest. Created in 2004, CFNW exists to generate funding and raise awareness of the Forests, enabling them to continue their vital work across the North West of England, creating attractive environments in which businesses and local communities can thrive.


"Community Forests North West is supporting the region's three community forestry initiatives, The Mersey, Red Rose and Pennine Edge Forests. in their work to make the North West a healthier and more attractive place in which to live and work.  The Forests are transforming their areas, improving local environments, creating opportunities for business and providing accessible green spaces for people and wildlife" - Stephen Falder, Chairman of Community Forests North West.

Red Rose Forest and The Mersey Forest are two of the 12 community forests created in the early 1990s by the then Countryside Commission, the Forestry Commission and Local Authority Partners.  Pennine Edge Forest was formed in 2003 and together with Red Rose Forest covers the whole of Greater Manchester. The aim of the Forests is to create high quality environments for millions of people by revitalising derelict land, providing new opportunities for leisure, recreation, and cultural activities, enhancing biodiversity, preparing for climate change and supporting education, healthy living and social and economic development. The Forests provide a network of green spaces, woodlands, street trees and more across the Mersey belt. 


Leaves in the City

Leaves in the City was established by TreeTwist to make it easy for businesses to plant trees in England.

The need for corporate responsibility for the environment is acknowledged.  Leaves in the City bring business and tree planting together.  What makes us different is that we focus in urban areas and specifically areas in need of regeneration in the North West of England. We also work only with businesses, not individuals.

Our mission is to contribute to creating a higher quality environment by revitalising derelict land, planting city trees in urban areas to help with the social development of the area.  Our partner  is Community Forest North West, a charity which supports The Mersey, Red Rose and Pennine Edge Forests in the North West of England.

Leaves in the City, partners with the Community Forest North West, are able to design, implement and manage schemes that allow you to meet your environmental responsibilities without you needing to divert time and resources from within your own organisation.