TreeScarf in Herb & Tree

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TreeScarf in Herb & Tree

Our Designer:Tait & Style

The Tait & Style

There is a strong tradition of hand and machine knitting in Orkney, and Ingrid works closely with Shetland knitters – Fair Isle is just to the north of Orkney, and Shetland comes next (then the North Pole!)  But through Ingrid's travels to various parts of the world she also stays in touch with current trends in fashion, and with the rich knitting and textile traditions to be found everywhere from Norway to Nara to New Mexico.



We use a wide range of techniques: hand and machine knitting, crochet, felting, fabric-fusion, embroidery…  And Tait & Style produce a wide range of designs, from rich, comforting, textural woollies, to quirky graphic designs – both elegant and humorous.


Ingrid and her team at Tait & Style have been designing and producing all the TreeTwists since the very beginning in 2006.  Her unique style, sense of colour and humour have become part of the TreeTwist trademark.