Knitted Leaf TreeClip - blue & seedling

TreeClips: Knitted Leaf TreeClip - blue & seedling


This is a SkyBlue Knitted TreeClip. Designed by Ingrid Tait and hand made for you in the Orkneys, the Lime Tartan represents a seedling, which will be cared for in the Trees for Life nursery, Plodda Lodge, before being planted on. A tree for the future for you. Talk about ethical gifts! Clip it to a bag, a belt, your keys. Clip it anywhere. Pop a seedling in a stocking this Christmas, or give one as a thank you present to a child's teacher, and we know from previous expeience how much secret Santa loves seedlings! A TreeClip may be small, and may have a small price, but it represents something big, and something that will keep on growing.
Price: £20.00 To purchase via paypal, please call 01635 281 768