TreeScarf in Herb & Tree

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TreeScarf in Herb & Tree

Our Story

A TreeTwist is a beautiful link to your dedicated tree, a reminder that you’ve done something to reduce the impact we have on our earth. They are suitably gorgeous; designed and made for you by British designer Ingrid Tait of Tait & Style in Scotland.




A desire to do something for our world. To make a contribution.  And, to tell people how we felt.  

                     We believe, that together, small steps can make a difference.


Every tree planted adds to the forest, and every tree planted begins a lifetime consuming carbon emissions. We know that we can’t solve the world’s environmental problems overnight, but in buying, giving and wearing TreeTwists you achieve two things. First, you help restore the Caledonian Forest and second, you draw attention to the need to do something to balance the damage we do every day to our earth. One TreeTwist may not seem much but it represents a belief. A belief that we can make a difference.


Buy a Treetwist and dedicate a tree

TreeTwist was started in 2006.  It didn't happen overnight but we are now proud to say that we have planted thousands of trees and have established the business as a credible eco-chic company.  


About TreeTwist

TreeTwist didn’t happen overnight....

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Buy a Treetwist, plant a tree

TreeTwist exists to make it easy and fun for you to plant a tree an....

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