It's a Wonderful World

2017-08-11 07:45:14
It is a tricky harvest for us this year as it has been wet. Lots of stopping and starting so I have my fingers crossed for a clear...

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What will my TreeTwist look like when it arrives?
All TreeTwists are sent out with information, which explains that they represent a tree or a seedling to be planted in Scotland.


Sample card
Double sided, shown below, explains just what it is that the TreeTwist stands for.


Second card
The second is highly coloured on one side and on the second, other than a single sentence declaring that every TreeTwist represents a tree, it is blank - effectively a postcard.


We thought you could use it to write your own message on - or stick it to the fridge.

If you have asked us to write a message, for example, a birthday, wedding, Christmas message, it will be hand written on the back of one of these postcards. We hope you like them.

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