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Welcome to the Treetwist

TreeTwists come in a variety of colours, that is part of their charm. But choice doesn't always make life easier. If you are flummoxed, relax. Read on. 

All super eco chic TreeTwists are hand made and each one is unique. If you have trawled through the order form and are nervous about committing to a single choice, and no matter how environmentally friendly you are feeling, don't necessarily want to buy them all, buy a TreeTwist voucher - a kind of ethical gift voucher instead and your lucky recipient can choose their own!

How does it work?

Simply call us (01635 281 768) and we will take any message and make sure your gift voucher gets where it needs to be and with whatever message you need it to carry. TreeTwist is entirely run by human beings and we do try our best to respond with lightening speed and some common sense.

If you don't want to say anything in particular, just ignore the offer!

Then what?

Sit back and relax! Your voucher will be sent out, together with a double sided post card like the one pictured above, explaining what the gift represents, and instructions for redeeming it.

Every voucher is uniquely coded and once we receive either a phone call or an email from the recipient we will despatch the chosen TreeTwist, which will arrive beautifully packaged and ready to be enjoyed.

What does the voucher look like?

Dear x

(you choose this bit )

This voucher entitles you to £xxx to be spent on the TreeTwist(s) of your choice. Depending on which you choose, trees and seedlings will be planted in your name by the multi award winning forest restoration charity, Trees For Life, in the Caledonian Forest, NW Scotland.

There is a space for a personal message. If it is an essay it may have to be copied and pasted onto a separate piece of paper, but we will always do our best to make it as beautiful to receive as possible.

Many thanks

TreeTwist and Trees for Life.