It's a Wonderful World

2017-08-11 07:45:14
It is a tricky harvest for us this year as it has been wet. Lots of stopping and starting so I have my fingers crossed for a clear...

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03/05/2014 18:33

My lawn is now a meadow.  This is not intentional and I am beginning to worry that it will never be cut.  I am dependent on Mr M to turn up and cut it.  As a result, I agreed with Son today that when he is home from university in the summer, he will be in control of the cutting.  So, I just need to get from here to there...

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Forestry Commission Scotland

28/02/2014 14:58

Trees for Life has just alerted me to the following:  "Forestry Commission Scotland has just published a report on the state of Scotland's native woodlands. It has found that only 4% of Scotland is covered in native woodland, with grazing by herbivores shown to be the biggest threat to them. Invasive non-native species such as rhododendron were also found to be important threats locally, with climate change and diseases presenting additional challenges. This really demonstrates the importance of our work in restoring the native Caledonian Forest."

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First of March

28/02/2014 14:48

So, it is the First of March tomorrow and I have been sitting here wondering where the year has gone to so far.  Did we even have a winter.  In the Autumn we were told to prepare for an "arctic" winter, which never arrived.  And, as I sit here I am so tired of the wet.  Please can we have some sunshine soon...?

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19/02/2014 18:41

Water, water everywhere.  Like many of you, the springs are now up and my outdoor cellar is flooded.  The pumps are working (thankfully) so the boiler is currently protected.  However, with the electricity black out over the weekend, it was touch and go for a while.  I was saved by Mr H, who very, very kindly gave me his homemade (solar and wind) electricity.  I am thinking of investing in a generator so we have back-up if necessary.

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Trees for Life 25th

11/02/2014 17:14

The Trees for Life 25th anniversary is in May 2014.  On Sunday 25th may, Dundreggan will be open to all for a forest celbration day.  Guided walks will explore Dundreggan's wildlife, rich biodiversity and ancient woodlands, wiht experts on hand to provide a deeper insight into issues such as rewilding.

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12/11/2013 19:09

Found this on my photo stream.  Now they are bottled up.  Delicious...


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Harvest 2013

12/09/2013 15:54

We finished cutting on Friday 6th September.  With some irony and despite the terrible season we have had, this is six days earlier than last year.

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Leaving School

22/08/2013 13:09

Son has now left school; hurrah!  Although, in his own words, school "got better and better", I think the boys are ready to leave. He has the A level grades to go to his first choice university: Kings College London.  Although, in his mind, whether this achievement is greater or lesser than the Tennis Colours, I couldn't honestly say.  I feel somewhat sad that this phase of his life is over, but also a sense of relief that the key tasks I had to fulfil to help him become a man are complete.  And, what a man he is...  Job well done!

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30/07/2013 13:39

Man, Son and I are now off for a holiday.  Sadly, for Man he only gets two weekends in Zurich, where he happens to live.  Son and I get said weekends and a week in Mallorca too.  Can't wait.  I love both Zurich and Mallorca so happy days to come...

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26/07/2013 19:20

Son has spent the day doing manual labour.  He is shattered.  He is hot.  And, at minimum wage, he has worked out that it is a hard way to earn a living.  I was told recently that the only thing we can teach our children is the value of work.  I am hoping that this proves that my job has been well done...

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