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2018-03-16 09:08:37
During the course of last summer, the roof was replaced at home. Much mess, much hassle but at least it is now done. A note to you...

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11/08/2017 08:45

It is a tricky harvest for us this year as it has been wet.  Lots of stopping and starting so I have my fingers crossed for a clear run for a few days...

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19/02/2014 18:41

Water, water everywhere.  Like many of you, the springs are now up and my outdoor cellar is flooded.  The pumps are working (thankfully) so the boiler is currently protected.  However, with the electricity black out over the weekend, it was touch and go for a while.  I was saved by Mr H, who very, very kindly gave me his homemade (solar and wind) electricity.  I am thinking of investing in a generator so we have back-up if necessary.

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Harvest 2013

12/09/2013 15:54

We finished cutting on Friday 6th September.  With some irony and despite the terrible season we have had, this is six days earlier than last year.

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14/05/2013 16:16

Father is away on holiday this week.  The natural consequence is that I am now in charge.  Anything farm related comes to me.  And, I have to say, judging by the last 48 hours, I am enjoying it immensely.  I am always surprised at how busy the farm office can be.  This busy-ness has a wonderful unpredictable nature so day by day I see different things, face a variety of challenges and more importantly see a many different people.  By way of an example, in the last 24 hours, I have been speaking to our lawyer regarding issues with a commercial tenancy, organised for Plato (the bull) to have his toes cut, chatted to the agronomist on his weekly visit and discussed new tenants with the residental tenancy agents.  As I say, varied.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the week brings.

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28/02/2013 16:13

We have local ferret group, rather brilliantly called Last of the Summer Wine Ferrets.  They have been extremely successful.  I am going to ask to watch them at work so will report back...

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26/02/2013 10:24

For the first time ever, we are replanting corn on the farm.  We have had problems with the crops planted in the autumn - from the weather (too wet), then the slugs and latterly the pigeons.  About 100 acres will be ripped up and re-planted with Spring Oats.  We are fortunate that this is a tiny proportion but it still hurts... 

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15/11/2012 19:53

In my last post, I mentioned the slugs.  So, I thought this would amuse you.  We now have a new issue; pigeons!  And, here is one of our imaginative solutions...

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15/11/2012 08:10

We have a significant slug problem on the farm.  I can't remember a season as wet as this one and I honestly can't remember such a focus on slugs.  They are literally eating the crops away before they can be established. If you see a quad bike racing over the fields, it is likely to be dropping slug pellets in an attempt to combat the problem.  FIngers crossed that the slugs disappear soon...

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05/10/2012 10:13

I was chatting to a farming friend of mine yesterday, and he announced that he had 200 acres of beans left to harvet.  It has been such an unusual year and I feel for him; without the crop being cut and the land being cleared they cannot get on and plant next year's corn.  This is a problem...

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15/08/2012 08:01

Son took this rather good picture of the harvest earlier this week.  It is proving a frustrating year with yields well down on last year.  We are hoping for a spell of fine weather...


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