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2018-03-16 09:08:37
During the course of last summer, the roof was replaced at home. Much mess, much hassle but at least it is now done. A note to you...

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26/07/2013 19:20

Son has spent the day doing manual labour.  He is shattered.  He is hot.  And, at minimum wage, he has worked out that it is a hard way to earn a living.  I was told recently that the only thing we can teach our children is the value of work.  I am hoping that this proves that my job has been well done...

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05/07/2013 19:31

I may have mentioned in an earlier post that I have taken up bee keeping.  It is great.  Although Gamekeeper Mark has been a brilliant mentor, I have just completed a Practical BeeKeeping Course run by Ms V via Newbury College.  Ms V is an inspiration and I cannot believe how much I learned.  Our practice hives were kept in a fabulous bluebell wood and here is a picture of the hive I was assigned to with my merry bunch of beekeeping friends.

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03/05/2013 07:54

Our Gamekeeper, or perhaps I should say, our Gamekeepers Springer Spaniel has just had a litter of puppies. They are completely gorgeous and I cannot resist going to visit to see how they progress. You can see that at they are still so tiny that their eyes are not even open.

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21/04/2013 10:21

Such disappointment...  my bees have died.  I went to visit them last week and saw the devastation.  Worse, it looks as though a mouse had nibbled the entrance of the hive.  Thankfully, Gamekeeper (my bee mentor) was on hand to calm me down and through his brilliance, I now have a fully mended hive.  He has also offered to sell me a hive full of bees as well as getting together a "nuke" to restart my current hive.  I have also enrolled in a Practical Beekeeping Course, starting on Monday evening and running for 8 weeks.  I will let you know how I get on...

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A nice weekend

12/04/2013 23:10

I feel bereft!  I was told earlier in the week that this weekend I would be enjoying some sunshine.  And yet, the forecast now predicts more rain.  As if we haven't had enough...

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guinea fowl

08/03/2013 08:30

A rather pretty picture of Mother's guinea-fowl settling in for the night...


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07/03/2013 19:07

Man is skiing this week, and I have managed to avoid going too (hurrah!).  I thought I was unique and special in that I loathe the whole ski boot/thigh burn/cold thing that goes on during a skiing holiday and yet I picked up Tatler Magazine (I was in the hairdresser) and there was an article on just that subject.  I am not alone.  The most cynical way to avoid the slopes is to purchase a foam neck brace in advance of the holiday and simply pop it on on your way to the airport.  Voila...  you are not expected to hit the slopes.  The article in its brilliance also had a series of photographs of traditional beauties (Jackie O as an example) looking ghastly while skiing, so proving my point!

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11/02/2013 16:31

I've had a particularly frustrating day.  If I was a teenager, I think I'd say I was bored!?  I've achieved nothing, other than eating anything and everything I can lay my hands on.  How do I kick-start myself into action?  It seems a challenge...

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09/02/2013 09:44

For those of you who who do not have a "modern" printer, can I urge you to take the plunge...  I have recently upgraded my old printer to one which can copy and scan.  What joy!  No more messing with the old fax machine.  So, TreeTwist at last arrives in the 21st Century!  

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30/01/2013 08:40

In the absence of a New Year's Resolution, I have decided that this year I am going to "sort myself out".  This is not my favourite time of year.  (That was typical English understatement...  in fact, I positively dislike February.)  However, this year I am going to use the month constructively.  I am going to review the garden, sort out odd piles in the house, and even give overhaul my fitness.  I think that 1 and 2 on the plan are going to be fairly simple.  I am not looking forward to the fitness.  At the moment, I practice yoga (or yogalatis) once a week.  Mrs W and I are instructed by the beautiful Emma.  Of course, Dog and I also walk daily.  However, I have recognised that I need to do MORE.  But how?  And what?  Sister is running every day.  I cannot compete with that.  My aim is to do 15 minutes every morning of yoga/yoga stretches and start from there. I will report back...

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