It's a Wonderful World

2018-03-16 09:08:37
During the course of last summer, the roof was replaced at home. Much mess, much hassle but at least it is now done. A note to you...

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New website

27/06/2016 20:19

Many thanks for all your patience while we have re-jigged the website.  We are hoping that, while it looks the same, it is faster and better than ever...

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New Year

02/01/2015 20:01

A HUGE thank you to all our wonderful (and loyal) customers ...  you have made Christmas 2014 another wonderful year for TreeTwist and we would like to wish every one of you all the best for a Happy New Year.  Together we have made a difference and fingers crossed that 2015 will be another successful year with many, many trees to be planted.

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11/12/2014 21:07

If you experience any issues paying via the website, please let me know.  Our number here is 01635 281 768.  Our digital agency and our hosting agency have assured us that there will be no issues, but...  just in case, we thought we'd send you a quick message.  

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End of Term

11/12/2014 21:04

My term has ended.  For those of you unaware, I am studying once again.  Thanks to Mr E and Mrs L for getting me through... Back to my novels.  Hurrah!  

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Walking with friends

18/10/2014 14:01

I am so lucky that Dog and I have Mrs W in the village with her two labradors to walk with.  We (Mrs W and I) decided today that neither of us needed to see a therapist because our chatting while walking solved all our issues.  I am very, very lucky that I have Dog, who needs walking, beautiful countryside to wak in and a fabulous friend to walk with.  Simple pleasures...

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Christmas planning

17/10/2014 17:06

We are knee deep planning Christmas.  We are hoping for big sales (again!) this year so we get to plant more trees in the Spring.  Many thanks to all our loyal, returning customers.  We appreciate you!

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03/05/2014 18:33

My lawn is now a meadow.  This is not intentional and I am beginning to worry that it will never be cut.  I am dependent on Mr M to turn up and cut it.  As a result, I agreed with Son today that when he is home from university in the summer, he will be in control of the cutting.  So, I just need to get from here to there...

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First of March

28/02/2014 14:48

So, it is the First of March tomorrow and I have been sitting here wondering where the year has gone to so far.  Did we even have a winter.  In the Autumn we were told to prepare for an "arctic" winter, which never arrived.  And, as I sit here I am so tired of the wet.  Please can we have some sunshine soon...?

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Leaving School

22/08/2013 13:09

Son has now left school; hurrah!  Although, in his own words, school "got better and better", I think the boys are ready to leave. He has the A level grades to go to his first choice university: Kings College London.  Although, in his mind, whether this achievement is greater or lesser than the Tennis Colours, I couldn't honestly say.  I feel somewhat sad that this phase of his life is over, but also a sense of relief that the key tasks I had to fulfil to help him become a man are complete.  And, what a man he is...  Job well done!

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30/07/2013 13:39

Man, Son and I are now off for a holiday.  Sadly, for Man he only gets two weekends in Zurich, where he happens to live.  Son and I get said weekends and a week in Mallorca too.  Can't wait.  I love both Zurich and Mallorca so happy days to come...

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