It's a Wonderful World

2017-08-11 07:45:14
It is a tricky harvest for us this year as it has been wet. Lots of stopping and starting so I have my fingers crossed for a clear...

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05/07/2013 19:27

I took this photo a few weeks ago and it has just popped up in my photo stream.  Stunning...

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Chelsea 2013

06/06/2013 18:04

My favourite showgarden at Chelsea Flower Show this year was designed by Susannah Hunter.  Her work is inspirational and I have been a fan of her bags, tables and chairs for many years.  My kindle even has its own little Susannah Hunter cover.  Her garden may have been mini but it took my breath away...

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10/05/2013 14:07

To continue the story of my drive, I now have the prettiest little violets peeking through the gravel. It makes me wonder whether they will disappear when I get new gravel. I am gong to have to be careful. 


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26/02/2013 10:19

You may remember last year that I made some heroic efforts to spruce up my drive.  It involved planting a box trees.  The ambition was not a hedge but more a selection of huge box balls and cones, which in years to come would morphe into each other.  We have a long way to go but the box lives, which I consider an achievement.  This year I have replaced the fence bordering my neighbour and am planning a new planting scheme.  So far, so good.  It is an expensive process and I want to get it right.  All ideas welcome...

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08/10/2012 18:54

My house is covered with a stunning creeper.  To be completely candid, I cannot tell you its Latin name, or even its nick-name; it was on the house when I arrived 18 years ago.  With all the problems the weather has created on the farm and in the garden, my creeper is the best ever.  We may have no fruit but we have this to cheer us up...

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13/02/2012 10:34

The snowdrop is certainly one of my favourite flowers; I love its resiliance.  This photo just about sums it up.  Strength and beauty.

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Winter pots

15/11/2011 22:14

I have been trying to make more of an effort in the garden this autumn, particularly with my pots.  I always associate pots with endless heaving of watering cans and the nagging nuisance of having to water last thing at night.  However, I have just discovered the joy of winter pots.  Limited watering.  Unlimited enjoyment.  I have a focus on pansies and violas, which I can see from the kitchen window.  The back door is much more inviting.  And, in a triumph of organisation, I have planted five large terracotta pots by the front door with bulbs.  So simple.  

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27/09/2011 21:31

Sunshine and berries; a very unusual pattern.  A balmy evening and I've been told that the temperature could get to 28 degrees at some point this week.  

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Dog rose

05/06/2011 12:08

The hedgerows are filled with Dog roses.  I have a particular walk with Dog where I am surrounded by the scent and the beauty of the pale pink flowers.  Completely beautiful.


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20/05/2011 14:34

I mentioned recently the "meaning of flowers" but it struck me today that I have "associations with flowers".  I can never pass a clump of cornflowers without thinking of a particularly close friend.  So, Mrs O, this is for you...


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