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2018-03-16 09:08:37
During the course of last summer, the roof was replaced at home. Much mess, much hassle but at least it is now done. A note to you...

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Tree Planting

14/07/2014 19:40

We’re often asked about the trees that we plant, particularly the species and why they are chosen. Trees for Life has put together this brief outline to explain our planting methodology which we hope will be interesting for you...

The Caledonian Forest is a very diverse habitat, and the distribution of tree species is greatly influenced by site conditions. To give each tree the best chance of success, we mimic nature and choose species that are ideally suited to each location.

On wetter ground, Trees for Life plant alder and willow.  Hazel and bird cherry grow better in more sheltered locations.  Oak, wych elm and blackthorn thrive on lower planting sites, and juniper can be planted in any location that is not too wet.  Scots pine, elm and hazel grow well in the best quality soil, whilst hardy species like rowan and downy birch can cope in poorer soils.

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News from Trees for Life

14/07/2014 19:38

This spring, Trees for Life worked at forest restoration sites in Skye, Glen Affric and at Dundreggan, near Loch Ness, where your trees are planted. More than 16,000 trees have been planted at Dundreggan so far this year, with many funded by companies like TreeTwist - so thank you for your tremendous support!

Trees for Life has planted a mix of rowan, downy birch and willow. These seedlings were grown in their own tree nursery from locally collected seed, eliminating any risk of introducing the diseases which can be found in imported trees. Planting generally occurs in spring and autumn, while other associated tasks such as fertilising and monitoring work are carried out in the summer months. This is because the climate is too hot and dry for the seedlings to establish in the summer - even in Scotland!

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Forestry Commission Scotland

28/02/2014 14:58

Trees for Life has just alerted me to the following:  "Forestry Commission Scotland has just published a report on the state of Scotland's native woodlands. It has found that only 4% of Scotland is covered in native woodland, with grazing by herbivores shown to be the biggest threat to them. Invasive non-native species such as rhododendron were also found to be important threats locally, with climate change and diseases presenting additional challenges. This really demonstrates the importance of our work in restoring the native Caledonian Forest."

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Trees for Life 25th

11/02/2014 17:14

The Trees for Life 25th anniversary is in May 2014.  On Sunday 25th may, Dundreggan will be open to all for a forest celbration day.  Guided walks will explore Dundreggan's wildlife, rich biodiversity and ancient woodlands, wiht experts on hand to provide a deeper insight into issues such as rewilding.

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12/11/2013 19:09

Found this on my photo stream.  Now they are bottled up.  Delicious...


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03/05/2013 07:59

You may be aware by now that I am continuing my attempts to improve the drive.  It has been sadly neglected over the last nearly 20 years since we arrived as all my attention seems to have been put into the walled garden.  Last week we planted no fewer than 32 yew trees to create what I am hoping will become a wonderful sweeping yew hedge.  I cannot be more pleased.  I toyed with planting a hedge of bamboo but Son pointed out that although they would look wonderful in a modern setting, with the house dating from 1610 they may look rather out of place in such quantity.  He was right.  The yew is perfect!



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17/03/2012 13:29

I seem surrounded by the most amazing blossom.  I managed to snap this picture stopped at lights while I was driving through Abingdon yesterday...


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08/03/2012 19:02

I have just planted some beautiful box plants along the house in the drive.  They are planted into the gravel so I'm keeping fingers crossed that they thrive. I have a vision of a line of clipped shapes moulded into rounds and cones.  

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Christmas tree

15/12/2011 18:47

The Christmas tree has arrived.  It doesn't arrive by magic; it is an annual gathering by Father and Son.  They go off together and return with the tree.  Father remembers having to chop a tree by hand when he was a boy, which he loved, so I am glad that the tradition in some form has continued.  For the record, this is a tree from Yattendon Estates so no chopping necessary.  

I am aware of the irony that we spend our time planting trees and here I am merrily having a tree in the house.  Is it necessary? Probably not.  I just couldn't part with this very special part of our Christmas.  

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27/09/2011 21:38

I picked this up during one of my walks with Dog.  Acorns are such a symbol of the countryside - and, of course England.  I wondered how long this oak tree has been on the planet...

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